The Wolverine (2013) – Film

“The Wolverine”

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Set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, we find Logan hiding in Canada suffering dreams of Jean Gray.  Yukio finds him and takes him to the death bead of an old acquaintance in Japan, where he finds his acquaintance wants more than just to say goodbye.

This was an improvement from the “Origins” film.  The cinematography was beautiful, the musical score was very nice.  The story, intended as a character piece, was quite good, though there were some places where the twist was obvious.

No one else will ever play Wolverine, in my mind, as well as Jackman, so it’s nice to see his performance improve with each film.  However, Jackman’s Wolverine is still too darn nice.  Wolverine isn’t a nice guy, he’s cantankerous.  Even his softer side, shown with Jean Gray and Mariko, is hard won.

One issue I did have was lack of blood.  Here we have the amazing fight scenes between ninjas and Wolverine, swords and claws slashing away, and there’s no blood.  Though I have a theory on that, it would require spoilers, which I won’t do.

I gave this 4 rum & cokes.

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