Mr. Bear (2012) – Short Film

“Mr. Bear”

A short film featured at the 2014 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information follow this link.  View the trailer on Vimeo.

Steve is driving through New York City to Christmas dinner at his daughter’s, with his overbearing wife, when his car breaks down.  When he knocks on the door of a repair shop, he is mistaken for Mr. Bear.  He is forced to choose between dismembering and disposing of a pair of corpses, or becoming one of them. Continue reading

A Cadaver Christmas (2011) – Film

“A Cadaver Christmas”

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On Christmas Eve, cadavers rise and start eating people at the local university due to a science professor’s experiment.  It’s up to our hero, the mop and plunger wielding Janitor who will stop at nothing, to save the world.  Using whatever devices they can find, the Janitor and his cohorts; the Bartender, the Drunk, the Cop, his Perp and a Security Guard  battle to stop the cadaver menace before they escape the university.  Continue reading