I am Monster (2013) – Short Film

“I am Monster”

A short film featured at the 2014 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information follow this link or visit the official website.

Vivienne likes to indulge in her fetish, necrophilia.  She enjoys violating her dead partners at the morgue.  Tonight, she meets Jason, who is still warm, and full of ideas.

This short is memorable.  The audience was half awed by where this film went, half disgusted, and completely fascinated.  This beautifully filmed short has vivid, unapologetic, primary and supporting characters.  The body language and  dialogue, especially the rationalizations Vivienne (played by Shannon Lark) uses, seem almost reasonable and loving although she is committing truly atrocious acts.  Jason’s (played by Adam Cardon) warmth reaching out to her both physically and subconsciously.

This film is not for the squeamish.  However if you like the movies that make you squirm and push boundaries, check this one out.  It is currently on the festival circuit.

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