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“Sorority Party Massacre”

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A group of sorority sisters gather at in a lakeside town to compete for an exclusive prize.  After a series of anger management issues, Detective Bill Watts is sent, by his Captain, for “guard duty” on the Captain’s daughter.  When he arrives he discovers that the Captain’s daughter never made it to the competition.  Detective Watts finds that girls have been going missing from this lakeside community for years.  As they are cut off from outside help, and the sorority girls start dying, Watts finds he has stumbled onto something.  

This indie slasher is a good time.  The plot isn’t very complicated, someone is killing off sorority girls the detective needs to save the day.   There’s a flashback style sequence as each of the sorority girls are introduced that sets up their characters, no character development necessary (or so the filmmakers seem to think).  Not too many surprises to be had, but certainly entertaining.

Another flick full of familiar faces.  Kevin Sorbo is Captain Fanning, whose daughter is missing.  Ron Jeremy as Detective Rico Depinto, Watt’s tormentor.  Richard Moll as Kreeger, the ferryman.  Leslie Eastman as Stella Fawnskin, the wealthy hostess of the sorority competition.  Solid performances by Tom Downey, as the hot tempered Det. Bill Watts and Ed O’Ross as the seemingly inept Sheriff Lumpkin.

I gave this 2 1/2 fru fru drinks.  Not a whole lot outstanding in this.  It has it’s quality moments, mostly among the more experienced cast that have little to do with the main story line.  Even then I would have liked it less if not for Ed O’Ross’ performance.

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