Deep Blue Sea (1999) – Film

“Deep Blue Sea”

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On an isolated deep sea research facility, a group of scientists work to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease by experimenting on shark’s brains.  Put under a deadline of produce results or be shut down, Dr. Susan McCallister pushes her research to dangerous levels and, taking advantage of a sudden tropical storm, the group of highly intelligent sharks fight back. Continue reading

Sand Sharks (2011) – Film

“Sand Sharks”

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Jimmy Green returns to the island of White Sands to throw a Spring Break festival that he hopes will revitalize the economy and redeem his reputation.  Meanwhile, mysterious attacks on beach goers have the local sheriff’s department call in a shark expert to keep the community safe.  Continue reading

Super Shark (2011) – Film

“Super Shark”

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An oil drilling platform, which had been using illegal chemicals to assist with drilling, releases a giant Super Shark which destroys the platform. Then, drawn by radio waves, eats and destroys everything emitting a radio wave along the coastline.  Kat Charmichael hires Skipper Chuck to help her investigate the circumstances around the platform tragedy.  Now they spearhead the hunt for Super Shark, a primordial shark capable of flying and walking on land. Continue reading

Sharktopus (2010) – TV Movie


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A genetically engineered half shark – half octopus (Sharktopus aka S-11),  intended as the U.S. Military’s next super weapon, escapes when its (literally strapped around its head) leash is damaged and heads to the shores of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The father/daughter team of biologists who run Blue Water and created S-11 hire ex-military, Andy Flynn to hunt down and capture it. Continue reading

Swamp Shark (2011) – TV Movie

“Swamp Shark”

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Small town Louisiana is preparing for this year’s Gator Fest.  The Gator Shack, run by the Broussard family, has a live gator show.    After a minor altercation happens at the restaurant, all the Gator Shack’s alligators are slaughtered and the arm of one of the men involved is found with the gator parts. Rachel Broussard insists she saw a shark in the swamp after this happened, but no one believes her.  Now she, her family and Tommy search the swamp to stop the shark from killing again.  Continue reading

Sharknado (2013) – TV Movie


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As hurricane David travels up the Mexican/California coast, there seems to be a lull in shark activity.  Suddenly there is a massive shark attack at the LA beach where Fin Sheppard’s bar is located.  As the hurricane starts to roll through, the people of LA find that sharks are swimming through the streets, being carried in on the flood preceding the hurricane, coming up the sewer pipes, and falling from the sky.  Fin and his friends fight to find his family and escape the Sharknado.  Continue reading

The Chronicles of Riddick (Series) – Film

Reviewing the complete franchise,  hope you enjoy it.

“Pitch Black” (2000)

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A transport ship, carrying 40 passengers and a prisoner, is forced to crash land on an unknown planet.  Forced to deal with the aftermath of the crash and the escaped prisoner, the survivors discover that there is something far worse once the suns set.  Continue reading

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) – Film

“The Frankenstein Theory”

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Professor John Venkenheim, who believes that Mary Shelly’s novel was based on true events and self proclaimed descendent of the real Dr. Frankenstein, hires a documentary film crew to travel to Canada following his research and ultimately find Frankenstein’s creature. Continue reading

The Lady and the Monster (1944) – Film

“The Lady and the Monster”

#7 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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A scientist and his assistant experimenting on brain activity are called to help someone injured in a plane crash.  When the district doctor declares the  man dead, the scientist discovers that the man’s brain is alive even though his body is dead and they act swiftly to preserve the brain.  Then they discover that the man is millionaire W.H. Donovan.  As the experiment progresses, Donovan’s brain begins to take control over the assistant. Continue reading