Porkchop (2010) – Film


#11 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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A group of friends go out to Camp Wood for a weekend of camping and partying.  They miss the news, however, that a couple of kids have recently been murdered at the camp and end up finding out the hard way. Continue reading

Don’t Go to the Reunion (2013) – Film

“Don’t Go to the Reunion”

A film featured at the 2013 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

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Near high school graduation, a group of popular kids decide to play a prank on a horror loving geek which ends up having more consequences that any of them realized.  Flash forward to their 10 year class reunion and an invitation to a party for the “cool kids” comes along with the reunion invite.   They meet at a creepy old house where someone is making each of them pay for their prank as they try to survive the reunion.  Continue reading

The Hills Run Red (2009) – Film

“The Hills Run Red”

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Tyler, a young horror fan, becomes obsessed with a lost film called “The Hills Run Red” that disappeared 20 years ago.   His search leads him to a strip club where he finds the filmmaker’s daughter, Alexa.  She takes Tyler, his girlfriend, Serina, and friend, Lalo,  to her family’s farm, allegedly, filmmaker Concannon’s last resting place.  There, they discover the horrific truth about Concannon’s dedication to his film. Continue reading

The ABC’s of Death (2012) – Film

“The ABC’s of Death”

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A is for Apocalypse… F is for Fart… W is for WTF?  This anthology film has 26 different tales from 26 different directors each assigned a letter of the alphabet on which to base their shorts.   All of which have one thing in common: a way to die.  Continue reading

Teddy (2011) – Film


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A group of college kids get more than expected when their camping trip starts off with a hit and run accident in this brilliant send up to 80’s slasher flicks.   Continue reading

I Didn’t Come Here to Die (2010) – Film

“I Didn’t Come Here to Die”

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A group of young volunteers travel to a plot of land 50 miles from the nearest town to start the process of turning the  donated land into a summer camp for under privileged kids.  A series of unfortunate events and poor decisions follow. Continue reading