Don’t Go to the Reunion (2013) – Film

“Don’t Go to the Reunion”

A film featured at the 2013 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information follow this link.  For information on this, past and upcoming projects visit the Slasher Studios official website.

Near high school graduation, a group of popular kids decide to play a prank on a horror loving geek which ends up having more consequences that any of them realized.  Flash forward to their 10 year class reunion and an invitation to a party for the “cool kids” comes along with the reunion invite.   They meet at a creepy old house where someone is making each of them pay for their prank as they try to survive the reunion. 

This is an homage to the slasher flicks from the 80’s and 90’s.  The first feature length film from Slasher Studios, and a great start at that, is filled with amusing and engaging characters, nods to many favorite horror flicks, and classic, well executed “kill” scenes.

The actors had great chemistry and the soundtrack was very good.  The dialogue gets a little slow in the middle, as the character’s rehash speculation over their prank victim, but picks up nicely again.   Also, I absolutely love the last line of the film.  Overall, a solid film that fans of the slasher genre would enjoy.


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