I Didn’t Come Here to Die (2010) – Film

“I Didn’t Come Here to Die”

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A group of young volunteers travel to a plot of land 50 miles from the nearest town to start the process of turning the  donated land into a summer camp for under privileged kids.  A series of unfortunate events and poor decisions follow.

I’ve got to say that this film surprised me.  This indie film was filmed in a grindhouse/exploitation style.  The script and acting is quite well executed, though the low budget was apparent, it didn’t detract too much from the story or presentation.    The use of practical effects vs CGI is always a good thing and there’s plenty of practical effects and gore in this film.  The viewer is presented with engaging characters, each with their own motivations for volunteering, who make decisions along the way that, I thought, followed logically.  Granted, I found myself asking the screen if the characters were going to continue to make such stupid choices, but the reasoning was there,  people are simply stupid sometimes, especially when they are frightened.

This film gets 3 1/2  rum & cokes from me, not only because it really was well written, but the story was both more and less than I expected (in a good way).

and 1/2

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