A Little Bit Zombie (2012) – Film

“A Little Bit Zombie”

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Steve, a mild mannered young man, Tina, his bridezilla fiancee, Sarah, his sister and Craig, his party boy cousin, go to a cabin to plan their wedding.  They run into a little snag when Steve turns into a zombie and a pair of self proclaimed zombie hunters come looking for him.

These people knew what they were making in this award winning, Canadian, indie flick,  and they ran with it.  Steven McHattie stole the show with his hilarious performance as an overzealous zombie hunter.  Kristen Hager, of Being Human, did a solid job as the bitchy sister who has a hate-on for her brother’s fiancee, Crystal Lowe.   There is a “cat fight” scene between the two that had me laughing out loud.  It was not incredibly realistic, but it was funny.  The music was an almost stereotypical comedy style, light and bouncy to counter the sometimes over the top gore and violence.

I’m giving this 3 frufru drinks because it was fun disengage your brain kind of movie, if a bit formulaic, good but not great.

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