Iron Man 3 (2013) – Film

“Iron Man 3”

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Oh boy!

I was pleased and surprised that the writers, Drew Pearce and Shane Black,  utilized the events of the 3 previous films on which to focus and continue Tony Stark’s, as well as the supporting cast’s, character development. I liked that they kept Stark very human with human flaws and weaknesses.  That they touched on a quite serious topic, post traumatic stress due to the events with the Avengers, and treated it with respect without becoming overly dark and serious (like the X Men franchise became way too serious for my preferences) while Stark’s self doubts had him wondering if he was a man with a great suit or if the man inside was what made the suit great.  Pepper Potts also had to  deal with the changes in Stark and how it has affected their relationship.  Even Happy Hogan, once Stark’s bodyguard, a small but interesting role , as he moved from Stark’s bodyguard to head of security for Pepper.

Our favorite billionaire, genius, playboy, hero discovers, in this installment, that sometimes, mistakes from the past can come back to haunt us.  In this case, in the form of Aldrich Killian,  leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM).  Guy Pierce did a great job as the ruthless and unstable Killian, who always seemed to be trying to prove himself to Stark and Pepper Pots.  Of  course, Ben Kingsly performance as The Mandarin, the villain who targeted the U.S. and Iron Man with his evilly twisted homage and lessons in history,  was brilliant.

If you liked the other movies in this franchise, you’re going to like this.    I gave it 4  cups o’ iced tea.

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