Tale of the Mummy (1998) – Film

“Tale of the Mummy”

Movie #21 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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A group of archeologists break the seal of a cursed tomb of Egyptian Prince Talos, resulting in their deaths, but not before the expedition leader, Sir Richard Turkel, can seal the entrance to the tomb once more. Years later, his granddaughter, Samantha Turkel, following the journals by Sir Richard, leads her own team to the same tomb, this time releasing the curse again.

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Rabid Grannies (1988) – Film

“Rabid Grannies”

Movie #18 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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At a family gathering celebrating their Aunts birthdays, a mysterious gift arrives. Everyone is surprised to learn that it is from the one member of the family, their nephew Christopher, who is not there. To the Aunts delight, it is a beautifully carved wooden box, which once opened, causes them to turn into demons, who eat everyone they catch.

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Headless (2015) – Film


Movie #8 of the 2019 31-days of horror.

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This is the disturbing story of the systematic abuse of a young boy by his mother and sister and the monster he became.

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Bath Salt Zombies (2013) – Film

“Bath Salt Zombies”

Movie #2 of the 2019 31-Days of Horror Challenge.

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The designer drug problem, specifically Bath Salts, in New York has caused the producers to come up with stronger strains of the drug. One inventive producer is using a military grade weaponized chemical in his strain. This strain is 100% addictive after the first use, and causes violent outburts. Agent Forster is on a mission to end designer drug use and production in New York using every resource at his disposal.

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Main Street Meats (2017) – Film

“Main Street Meats”

Movie #16: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Cherry is on her way to Vegas, but her car breaks down just outside a small town and she must wait for parts to be ordered before it can be fixed.  The town is so small there is no hotel for her to stay at, so she rents a room above a local butcher shop.  After Ma died, Main Street Meats lost that something special that kept it going.  Floyd thinks that having Cherry work the front counter, a pretty, fresh face, might draw in some customers.  But brother, Neddy, stumbles across a solution which draws the customers in and has them begging for more. Continue reading

The Green Inferno (2013) – Film

“The Green Inferno”

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College freshman, Justine, joins a group of student activists who travel to Peru in an attempt to stop deforestation from destroying a tribe of natives.   Continue reading

Goremet, Zombie Chef From Hell (1986) – Film

“Goremet, Zombie Chef From Hell”

#10 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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A priest is cursed to be a voracious cannibal, after a pact with the devil grants him immortality.  Without fresh human flesh he begins to rot and die.  In 1986, he has opened a beachfront deli where he serves tourists and locals to the tourists and locals.   Continue reading

Meat Me in Plainville (2011) – Short Film

“Meat Me in Plainville”

A short film featured at the 2013 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information regarding this and other projects, check out the Greth Productions official website.  Also, check out the trailer here.

A father and daughter try to repair their relationship after their hometown is affected by an outbreak of cannibalism.  Continue reading

Cannibal! The Musical (1993) – Film

“Cannibal! The Musical”

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Alferd Packer was a prospector/mountain guide for a group of miners.   Being the sole survivor of the expedition, Alferd was tried and convicted of murdering and cannibalizing his companions.   This is his story. Continue reading

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) – Film

“Cannibal Holocaust”

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Professor Harold Monroe goes to the Amazon on a rescue mission to find 4 young documentary filmmakers, who had been filming the cannibal tribes of the rainforest, and had disappeared 2 months before.  He finds their remains, recovers the footage, and returns to New York.  When the footage is reviewed, it reveals some awful truths. Continue reading