Goremet, Zombie Chef From Hell (1986) – Film

“Goremet, Zombie Chef From Hell”

#10 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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A priest is cursed to be a voracious cannibal, after a pact with the devil grants him immortality.  Without fresh human flesh he begins to rot and die.  In 1986, he has opened a beachfront deli where he serves tourists and locals to the tourists and locals.  

This low budget,  indie flick,  obviously based on Gordon Lewis’ Blood Feast gives the audience its all.  Unfortunately, its “all” falls a bit short.   The cast is very enthusiastic but the dialogue was either poorly written or the actors had trouble remembering their lines.  There are a few who really embraced their part and ran with it, notably, Theo Depuay as Goza, the cannibal priest; C.W. Casey as Azog, his nemisis; and Billy Scott as Life Guard (probably my favorite part, however small, in the movie).   The gore effects  are amusing, but often not that gorey.    There is an entertaining  but random musical number in the middle of the flick.

I really want to give the film makers credit for trying.  The movie just didn’t draw me in, probably due to the production quality, especially the sound issues.

I gave this 1 glass of wine.




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