Main Street Meats (2017) – Film

“Main Street Meats”

Movie #16: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Cherry is on her way to Vegas, but her car breaks down just outside a small town and she must wait for parts to be ordered before it can be fixed.  The town is so small there is no hotel for her to stay at, so she rents a room above a local butcher shop.  After Ma died, Main Street Meats lost that something special that kept it going.  Floyd thinks that having Cherry work the front counter, a pretty, fresh face, might draw in some customers.  But brother, Neddy, stumbles across a solution which draws the customers in and has them begging for more.

A well constructed, indie horror comedy, made by people who very obviously care about and enjoy what they’re doing.  Movies like this are my favorite to watch.  The cast is enthusiastic and dedicated.  There are a ton of details to merit revisits.  Plenty of gore for those of us who appreciate such.  Creative musical choices that add an interesting flavor to the film.

From the small town, deliberately retro, feeling atmosphere to the quirky characters, this delivers.

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