Vamp U (2011) – Film

“Vamp U”

Movie #22 of the 31-days of horror challenge.

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A vampire, Wayne Gretzky, who accidentally killed the love life, Mary, and lost the ability to “grow his fangs,” is now a popular history professor at a University. When he meets a young woman who looks just like his lost love, he is suddenly able to grow his fangs again.

I just think I have a weak spot for Adam Johnson flicks. Johnson is Wayne Gretzky, our impotent vampire history professor, still mooning over the love of his life. Mclain Nelson (who is frequently in Adam Johnson films, and a great straight man for him) is Fred, the student who introduces Gretzky to Chris, the women who looks just like Mary. Gary Cole is Arthur, the psychiatry professor who is treating Gretzky for “vampire impotence.”

Lots of snarky dialogue, awkward characters, this movie spoofs on the tropes of typical college flicks as well as the vampire gere. I’ve watched a lot of amusing vampire flicks, but never one where our “hero” is in therapy for vampiric impotence.

I think it’s a fun movie that deserves a watch at least once.

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