Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) – Film

“Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter”

Movie #10 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge.

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Jesus Christ’s second coming finds him joining forces with various men and women of faith in the fight to save lesbians from day-walking vampires.

If the viewer makes it past the cover art, title, opening scene, and theme song and is still watching… the quality (and high production quality it is not) and content of the film is very evident. Clearly this is a statement piece on faith and morality… irreverent, silly, low budget, quirky, whimsical… yes, all of it.

For a musical, it was rather thin on the musical numbers. Though the score is an ecclectic mix of Techno, punk, rock-a-billy, and showtunes. There is an interesting song and dance number at the beginning.

The plot is simple enough Jesus vs. Vampires, but there is a lot of fluff as Jesus overcomes confrontation from various directions including various denominations, people who have lost faith, sinners, misogynists, and athiests.

Overall this is one fun flick! Just be sure to grab your bottle of red wine for the occasion.

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