Kolobos (1999) – Film


Movie #11 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge.

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A couple driving at night accidentally hits someone, as the hospital psychiatrist and police try to figure out who she is, she tells them what happened over the previous 36 hours: A group of twenty-somethings answer a newspaper personals ad to sign up to live in a house full of cameras for 3 months as a social experiment. Things start out fine, as they get to know each other, but quickly spiral into terror as people start getting murdered and they find themselves locked in the house.

This is a fairly standard, straight to video, slasher flick from the late 90’s. It has a heavy helping of Argento’s influence, inventive kill scenes, lighting and color (way too much strobe effect), and the opening score certainly took its cue from Goblin.

Kyra (Amy Weber), was at a home for people with psychological needs allegedly because she has anxiety, starts having delusions and hallucinations almost immediately… or is she? Gary (John Fairlie) is a college student who wants to experience the world, not just learn about it. Erica (Nicole Pelerine) is a stereotypical (for the 90s) blonde actress, who actually ends up being fairly strong and clever. Tom (Donny Terranova) is an aspiring comedian. There are several booby traps in the house and the entire house is lined with steel to prevent escape.

Overall, thought this is not a particularly well executed movie, though the premise is interesting enough, it is actually worth watching for the kill scenes.

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