Wacko (1982) – Film


Movie #23 of the 31-days of horror challenge.

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13 years ago a young woman was horribly murdered by the lawnmower killer on Halloween Prom night, in front of her sister, causing irreparable psychological damage that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Now, 13 years later, Mary Graves is getting ready for her own Halloween Prom night and there was an escape from the local psychiatric hospital.

This is one of those lovely early satirical movies that spoofs on the horror flicks and tropes of the time. There is a whole lot of unfunny tropes that are poked fun at, including the creepy voyeuristic father who tends to inappropriately look at his daughters.

This movie also features a lot of talent. Including Joe Don Baker, Stella Stevens, George Kennedy, Julia Duffy, Elizabeth Daily, who’d talent is woefully underused, and Andrew “Dice” (before the “Dice” was a thing) Clay, in his first movie role, as Tony Schlongini.

Honestly, this movie is worth watching just to try to catch all of the names, not only of characters, but places as well. The high school is Alfred Hitchcock High. The soundtrack is all snippets and reminiscent of the classic horror movies of the time that they are parodying, do you will frequently hear the theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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