Robocroc (2013) – TV Movie


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A massive crocodile, at at water park/zoo, is contaminated by a rocket carrying nanobots which crashes in her enclosure.  The nanobots transform her into something robotic with only one directive: to survive.   As she rampages through the zoo, the military, along with the scientist who programmed the nanobots, must work with a zoo-keeper and newly hired marine biologist to stop the Robocroc. 

Ah, Asylum, you consistently deliver exactly what the audience expects from you.  Occasionally it turns out brilliantly, this is not one of those times.

Though the premise wasn’t that bad, the execution was too reminiscent of other b-grade horror and sci fi flicks, which kept pulling me out of the viewing experience.  I wouldn’t have minded an homage, however, full sections of story seemed like a patchwork that directly mirrored other films and as soon as I noticed it, I couldn’t stop seeing it.

The CGI was typical for an Asylum flick, if you don’t mind heavy CG.   I accept and expect this from all Asylum movies, so it didn’t detract too much, except for some continuity issues which are obvious if you decide to watch this.

One area The Asylum did not fail was the cast, including the ever brilliant and versatile Dee Wallace as our villain, Riley; the snarky and always entertaining Corin Nemec, as our hero, Duffy; Lisa McAllister, whose talent was wasted as what is basically the romantic interest, Jane, and Steve Hartley, as the military adviser, Colonel Montgomery, caught between his convictions, his duty, and his orders, which apparently come from our villain.

I do have a soft spot for The Asylum and try to give their movies a fair shake, as they are typically consistent with what they deliver, I gave this movie 2 shots.  The kind you find at college bars and spring break parties with lots of neon and black lights.  And that, only due to the wonderful primary cast.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t save the movie.

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