Chawz (2009) – Film


Movie #6: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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The “crimeless village” Sam-mea-ri starts having some excitement when a  grave is found dug up and the remains spread about, and Officer Kim and his family movie there just in time to be swept up in it.   

This Korean creature feature is a pure gem!  It’s a particularly well thought out, suspenseful, horror comedy with some well executed kill scenes.    There is plenty about it that is over-the-top, especially the characters, but it adds to the good time.    If you’re a fan of creature feature films, the influences will be obvious, but they are written and filmed in such a way that they work rather than detract.

The script (accounting for things that may get lost in translation – language or cultural), acting, direction, and cinematography all work well for me.  There are a couple areas where the pace drags a little, but not too badly.

Be aware that this film is subtitled.  I would totally recommend it.

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