Headless (2015) – Film


Movie #8 of the 2019 31-days of horror.

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This is the disturbing story of the systematic abuse of a young boy by his mother and sister and the monster he became.

Headless is the full-length version of the extreme horror film-within-a-film from Found (2012), which I had seen at an indie film festival. Found stuck with me for its intensity as well as its violence. Set in 1978, this excessively graphic, slasher, period piece keeps the audience uncomfortable throughout. There is so much that disturbing about this movie, and that is the point. The flashes of the killer’s perception of his victims is creative and effective. The Skull Boy (the killer when he was a child) clicking and clacking his teeth to communicate and encourage the adult Killer is a great representation of… I wasn’t quite clear if Skull boy was an alternate identity, but that seems to make sense given the apparent mental illness the killer had combined with the systematic abuse from his mother and sister. The props and practical effects are wonderfully and disgustingly detailed. The violence and gore dance right up to that line and discos right across without stopping.

The film has got a little more depth than your basic slasher, as the filmmakers spend most of the story focusing on The Killer and how he was created right away, rather than doing a reveal at the end. The victims are almost incidental.

This is a film that I would recommend to only to fans of Extreme Horror.

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