The Convent (2000) – Film

“The Convent” Follow this link for more information. A group of college kids decide to break into an abandoned convent to tag the bell tower with their sorority/fraternity letters.

Juan of the Dead (2011) – Film

“Juan of the Dead” Click here for more information.  Or visit the official website. Juan has spent most of his life surviving(“I survived Mariel, I survived Angola, I survived that Special Period and that thing that came later and I’m going to survive this.”), but not doing much of anything else, in Cuba and is …

Evil Dead II (1987) – Film

“Evil Dead II” For more information, click here. A lone survivor of a demon possession/attack at a cabin in the woods, Ash must work with the family of the cabin’s deceased owners to defeat the evil set free by The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis or Book of the Dead.

A Little Bit Zombie (2012) – Film

“A Little Bit Zombie” Check out this link for more info. Steve, a mild mannered young man, Tina, his bridezilla fiancee, Sarah, his sister and Craig, his party boy cousin, go to a cabin to plan their wedding.  They run into a little snag when Steve turns into a zombie and a pair of self …