MurderDrome (2013) – Film


Movie #10: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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Cherry Skye unwittingly summons a demon when a romantic rivalry with her Roller Derby nemesis heats up.

It’s Roller Derby vs Derby Demon in this low budget indie flick from Australia. Yes, it drags in some areas, and would have been more solid as a short (there were some scenes of skating that seem as if they were added just to make the movie longer, though according to the trivia, a fight scene was lengthened for that purpose), but it is full of great music, enough gore to satisfy, tons of kick ass women in roller skates, and oh so much heart and charisma!   Quirky, silly, sassy, downright awesome.

Another Amazon Prime find, but one that may find its way into my collection, I enjoyed it so much.

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