Lizard Boy (2011) – Film

“Lizard Boy”

Movie #6 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Gino (Pete Punito) is a geneticist working on a secret government project. He and his fiancée are trying to get pregnant, when they discover he is unable. When she breaks things off, Gino decides to use his expertise to create his own son using genetic material from Lucy, the Komodo Dragon who is the subject of the secret government project, mixed with his own genetic material.

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Lumber Vs Jack (2014) – Film

“Lumber Vs Jack”

Movie #9: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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When Jack Woods discovers that his estranged wife, Jill, has disappeared, he discovers that the lumber company he worked for had genetically modified and irradiated the trees they planted and now the trees are attacking the people.   Continue reading “Lumber Vs Jack (2014) – Film”

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 – Film

“Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2”

Iron Man 3 (2013)

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I had reviewed this film when I first saw it.

Our favorite billionaire, genius, playboy, hero, Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), a.k.a., Iron Man, returns and discovers, that sometimes, mistakes from the past can come back to haunt us.  In this case, in the form of Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce),  leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and  The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), an outspoken villain targeting the U.S. and Iron Man with his evilly twisted homage and lessons in history. Continue reading “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 – Film”

Lake Placid VS Anaconda (2015) – Film

“Lake Placid VS Anaconda”

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A group of guerrilla scientists, trying to retrieve illicit samples of DNA from the Lake Placid crocodiles and combine them with giant anacondas, are killed, and in the process damage the gate to the Black Lake refuge which houses the crocodiles.  Continue reading “Lake Placid VS Anaconda (2015) – Film”

Wisconsin Project X (2011) – Film

“Wisconsin Project X”

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Ralphie and his friends team up to save their hometown, Wisconsinville, Montana, and the world, from genetically engineered humanoid organisms after the organisms over run and escape from a local lab. Continue reading “Wisconsin Project X (2011) – Film”

Black Swarm (2007) – TV Movie

“Black Swarm”

# 17 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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A town is overrun by genetically engineered mutant wasps.  It’s up to a small town exterminator, an entomologist, a Deputy Sheriff and the man who engineered them to stop them. Continue reading “Black Swarm (2007) – TV Movie”

Bite Me! (2004) -Film

“Bite Me!”

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When a shipment of hybrid, genetically engineered marijuana gets delivered to the Go-Go-Sorous strip club, chaos ensues when insects that were delivered with it escape and terrorize the club.  Continue reading “Bite Me! (2004) -Film”