Wisconsin Project X (2011) – Film

“Wisconsin Project X”

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Ralphie and his friends team up to save their hometown, Wisconsinville, Montana, and the world, from genetically engineered humanoid organisms after the organisms over run and escape from a local lab.

This feature length independent film is a story about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation who must rise to the challenge at hand and become heroes or fall victims.  The movie begins with a basic introduction to the characters as Ralphie, our hero (played by writer/director Christian Ackerman) is being interviewed at the police station, then it dives right into the action and keeps going.  I thought the characters were fun (if simple) and liked the interaction and banter between them.

Though I am not a fan of computer simulated gore and this film is full of it,  I can appreciate why it was utilized so heavily.  Many of the effects used were creative and artful.  There were a few practical effects that were well executed and the make up was interesting, in a good way.  I didn’t particularly care for the style (the grainy, damaged film effect), but, again, I recognize what the filmmakers were going for and can appreciate it.  I did not appreciate the overuse of jump scares, after the first few, they completely lost their effectiveness for me (and the creepy face was a great image, just over done).  The soundtrack/score was very effective and memorable, one of my favorite aspects of the film.

I enjoyed the heck out this flick, the enthusiasm of the cast, the inventiveness, especially the weapon of choice (wonderful, that) and look forward to seeing other and future projects by Mr. Ackerman.   Certainly a film worth watching, especially with a big bucket of popcorn and mug of coffee.

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