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Ford Brody, a Naval bomb expert with a young family has just returned from active duty.  He receives a call that his father, Joe, has been arrested in Japan trying to enter a quarantine area where an incident at a nuclear power plant had killed his mother 15 years previously.  Joe Brody, Ford’s father, the scientist who was in charge at the time believes that there is more going on than just a malfunction and has been researching it on his own all these years when the same events start to happen again.

Giant freaking monsters wrecking havoc and doing battle across the globe, with humanity trying to stop it.  The bulk of the film follows the human element, which might be disappointing if you are expecting a movie with just a lot of Godzilla doing his thing.  The story was interesting enough, I got the impression that the filmmakers were trying to introduce Godzilla as “the ultimate champion of the natural order” to a newer audience who may not be familiar with the classic, official Godzilla mythos.

The acting was decent.  The script was rather meh, but the cast did pretty well with what they had.  The trailers implied more Bryan Cranston, as the obsessed with finding the truth regardless of personal safety, Joe Brody, and while he was on screen his strong presence was evident.  Ken Watanabe gave a solid performance as the scientist who has been officially tracking events and creatures, and trying to convince the US Military that Godzilla will defend the natural balance, Dr. Ichiro Serizawa.   Aaron Taylor-Johnson did a good job as the sort-of co-hero swept up at the center of the action and willing to do whatever it takes, Ford Brody (Godzilla is, of course, the real hero of the movie).

Overall, the movie was able to draw me in and engage me without losing my attention. I felt it  maintained the spirit of the accepted Godzilla mythos.  And though I saw it in 3D, I didn’t think it added anything that would be missed in 2D.

I gave this 4 cups of tea.

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