CANSWER (2014) – Film


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Trapped on the rooftop of her body repair shop during a global pandemic and ready to give up, Ellen hears a cry for help.  At first the rooftop seems like rescue for Cillian.  With no food, water or fire and no hope of rescue, he and Ellen find themselves fighting dehydration and starvation and each other, even as they cling to each other for salvation.

This Canadian indie film takes a highly original twist on the zombie genre.  In a character and dialogue driven film like this, the actors really needed to convey as well as evoke emotion from the viewer.   Fortunately, Robert Nolan, as Cillian (tragic lead scientist), and Sarah Cunningham, as Ellen (enigmatic lady mechanic), were up to that challenge.    I particularly enjoyed how the film makers handled Cillian’s story and how guilt, stress, injury, and illness affected him.  I was not at all expecting Ellen’s story to be the twist it was and that rather made me happy.

The cinematography was absolutely beautiful, especially during Ellen’s story.   Good on the film makers for use of make-up and practical effects for the zombie scenes.   The story itself followed logically (for what it was) and was engaging.  The dialogue was natural and made sense for the characters. I did think that there were a few areas where it could have been tightened up a little (some of the scenes where Cillian is searching/exploring the rooftop),  but overall it was a solid movie.

If you find the opportunity to see this, you really should.

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