Cowboys & Zombies (2011) – Film

“Cowboys & Zombies” Follow this link for more information. Bounty hunter, Mortimer, finds something unexpected when he goes to Jamestown while trying to collect a bounty.  A meteorite landed just outside of town and the miners accidentally release it’s spores, turning the town folk into zombies.   Now Mortimer, Rhiannon, the girl he bought for bait, …

Black Sheep (2006) – Film

“Black Sheep”  Click here for more information. Henry Oldfield returns to his family farm after 15 years to resolve issues from a traumatic childhood experience.  However, there’s more going on than Henry realizes and it becomes brother versus brother as Henry and an activist fight to stop the disaster that has begun to take over …

Fatal Deviation (1998) – Film

“Fatal Deviation” For movie information, follow this link. Jimmy Bennett returns to his hometown after 10 years in reform school.  With the help of a Celtic Monk and a local beauty, he determines to find out who murdered his father.  

Sinister (2012) – Film

“Sinister” Follow this link for more information. True Crime writer, Ellison Oswalt, moves his family to a house, where the previous owners were murdered, as research for his new book.   In the attic he discovers a box of home movies which end up raising more questions than answers, drawing him and his family in to …

Bio Zombie (Sun faa sau si) (1998) – Film

“Bio Zombie” (“Sun faa sau si”) Follow this link for more information. Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee run a VCD shop in a Hong Kong shopping center.  On an errand to get their boss’s car fixed, they accidentally hit a man who runs out into the road.  While trying to help the injured man, they …

The Convent (2000) – Film

“The Convent” Follow this link for more information. A group of college kids decide to break into an abandoned convent to tag the bell tower with their sorority/fraternity letters.

The ABC’s of Death (2012) – Film

“The ABC’s of Death” For more information, follow this link. A is for Apocalypse… F is for Fart… W is for WTF?  This anthology film has 26 different tales from 26 different directors each assigned a letter of the alphabet on which to base their shorts.   All of which have one thing in common: a …

Teddy (2011) – Film

“Teddy” Click here for more info or go to the Slasher Studios website for news on this and upcoming projects. A group of college kids get more than expected when their camping trip starts off with a hit and run accident in this brilliant send up to 80’s slasher flicks.  

Juan of the Dead (2011) – Film

“Juan of the Dead” Click here for more information.  Or visit the official website. Juan has spent most of his life surviving(“I survived Mariel, I survived Angola, I survived that Special Period and that thing that came later and I’m going to survive this.”), but not doing much of anything else, in Cuba and is …

Evil Dead II (1987) – Film

“Evil Dead II” For more information, click here. A lone survivor of a demon possession/attack at a cabin in the woods, Ash must work with the family of the cabin’s deceased owners to defeat the evil set free by The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis or Book of the Dead.