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“The Pirate Movie”

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Raised by pirates, Fredric is now 21 and though he appreciates all his pirate family as taught him, he yearns for a different life.  After leaving the pirates, Fredric finds himself on an island where he meets the girl of his dreams, Mabel, the youngest daughter of the Major General, whose treasure, Fredric’s pirate friends had stolen years ago.  To keep their love, Fredric and Mabel must fight tradition, family customs, the local constabulary and the Pirates.  

This musical romantic comedy is a spoof of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance.”  What can I say, when it comes to this movie, I’m just a teen-age girl of the 80’s.  I enjoy the hell out of this flick!  The songs are ridiculously easy to sing along with, every other line is a joke, satirical reference, or pun… nothing is off limits.  The story has strong sensual and sexual overtones.    The costumes are great (good gravy, that codpiece) and the sets are beautiful, especially the pirate ships.  Even the animated cartoon additions to the underwater scenes are amusing.

The characters are entertaining and engaging.  The central characters are well explored and developed. The cast is talented and it is obvious that they enjoyed their roles.   Kristie McNichol is Mabel,our clever heroine,  it is her story and her dream.  Christopher Atkins is Fredric, our naive young hero who must choose between loyalty to the pirates who raised him or to his true love, Mabel.  Ted Hamilton is the pirate king, who delights in pillaging, plundering, and one-liners. Chuck McKinney, is Samuel, first mate and sidekick.   Bill Kerr is the Major General, Mabel’s rather eccentric  father.  And Garry McDonald is the Sargent/Inspector, leader of the cowardly constables.

I gave this film 4 fru fru drinks.  It succeeds in being exactly what it intends to be, a fun silly musical spoof whose songs are annoyingly catchy, but in a good way.

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