My Demon Lover (1987) – Film

“My Demon Lover”

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Denny is sweet, guileless, naive woman who is  unlucky in love, with a habit of taking in strays.  Kaz is a homeless young man with a secret.  After Kaz defends her from her ex boyfriend, Denny decides to help Kaz, by letting him stay with her.  

This is a fabulously silly romantic comedy with a fun paranormal twist that is typical of 80’s not so innocent innocence.  The story is almost a Beauty-and-the-Beast-like tale, with Michele Little as the innocent, pretty Denny, looking for love anywhere and everywhere, willing to trust anyone.  Scott Valentine is the “possossed”  Kaz, unable to get close to a woman without turning into a monster.  Full of stereotypes, from the inept, unattractive, bumbling Charles, played by Robert Trebor, desperate to catch Denny’s attention,  to the sexy and over sexed, strongly feminist Sonia, played by Gina Gollego, to the street hustler, Fixer, Arnold Johnson, who considers Kaz’s “problem” a gift.  The filmmakers make up for the lack of character development by using fun, witty dialogue along with the charisma and chemistry of the central cast to create engaging characters.

Though the film is dated (just look at the clothing and hair styles) and the light, bouncy soundtrack, it is still fun, spoofing many romantic comedies of the time.

I gave this 2 1/2 fru fru drinks.


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