Claudia Qui (2012) – Film

“Claudia Qui”

For more information follow this link.  Or visit Tonjia Atomic’s website for more independent projects.

This is a thought provoking, creative, artistic piece of film making which explores the subtleties of what happens to artist and photographer, Claudia Piovani, after an experience which seduces and possesses her.  

Throughout the film, Claudia enters fugue like states (largely represented by images invoking a classy though antiquated aura), she talks in her sleep, then doesn’t remember what has happened, and pulls away from her partner without explanation.  This is very well executed by the talented Barbara Burgio, as Claudia.   She gives an effective performance, conveying through mannerisms and language, the evolution away from a thoughtful, altruistic Claudia, into someone more worldly.

Though the dialogue, and in some cases, chemistry, feels strained (I understand that the script was improvised, which I find impressive), I think that the music makes up for this and speaks most eloquently for the characters.   This is reinforced by the fact that Barbara Burgio and Don Ayers, from the band Luminol, who provide the rather haunting soundtrack for this film, portray the primary characters.

I do think the film could have been tightened a little, the imagery slowed down the pace of the film in a couple places.    Also, less improvisation with the dialogue, (in some cases it took too long to get to the point, in other places, dialogue was too direct) would have helped create a more solid story.

If you enjoy (low budget) indie mysteries, this one is worth the watch.  Follow this link to stream or download Claudia Qui directly from film maker, Tonja Atomic, at a very reasonable price.

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