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Movie #3: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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Day 3 Hellbilly (2003)
Another Prime find. Micro budget. Shorter than I expected, less than an hour, I probably should have paid more attention to that when I selected it. As it is advertised as Massimiliano Cerchi’s lost work, perhaps it was an unfinished project that someone found and released without trying to finish or polish it, but that’s just speculation and conjecture.

The title is the only explanation or background given for the titular character. Perhaps had it been described better, giving the backstory in the movie/story rather than just in the description on IMDb, I may have enjoyed it more. A more apt title would have been “A day in the life of a masked slasher.” There was no plot or story, it was simply following the “Hellbilly” around through his day. Which would have been fine had they embraced that concept and ran with it.
There were some amusing practical effects, plenty of kill scenes and a solid attempt at gore, but the “Warning” on IMDb that it contains “unspeakable acts of violence” is somewhat hyperbolic.
Oh, and Bif, there was a scene at the beginning of this with a woman running through the woods, and it reminded me so strongly of the “Oh my Gawd! Running-naked-through-the-woods-and-looking-like-the-actress-doesn’t-know-how-to-run-movie” from a few years back.
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