Killer Nerd (1991) – Film

“Killer Nerd”

Movie #2: 31-Days of Horror 2018

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I stumbled across this on Amazon Prime and didn’t realize it was picked up by Troma until I went to find a trailer to post. That made it much easier to describe as it is exactly what you would expect from a, early 90’s Troma release.

The first hour is a really slow burn and the story probably would have benefited from some shortening, although the stripper “dream girl” opening sequence tells me that they added scenes to keep it feature length. It picks up with the horror in the 3rd act with some entertaining kill scenes, inventive practical effects. Toby Radloff, as the title character, has his own brand of naive charm and charisma in this.
It was amusing enough that I plan to check out the sequel, “Bride of Killer Nerd.”
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