The Beast (Short Film)

“The Beast”

Day 13 of the 2023 31-Days of Horror

The first film of a double feature to kick off the 2023 Sawdust City Fright Fest.

On vacation with his family in the countryside, a young city boy is forced to participate in wild boar hunts in the cornfields. Naive and fearful, he lives in constant fear of a mysterious beast that adults say lives in the countryside.

This independent short film from France is dense with suspense and mystery. The young man who played the main character, Nono, Lysandre Robic, was fantastic, as was the young man who played Benjamin, Igor Van Dessel. The 2 boys, who played cousins, really built the tension and made the film believable. Nono, the naive and unexperienced younger, and Benjamin, the older, therefore the apparent mentor, as the adults guided them through the strange ritual.

I gave this 4 glasses of dark red wine.

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