Fantasy Island (2020) – Film

“Fantasy Island”

Movie #1 of the 2020 31 Days of Horror

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Gwen, Melodie, Patrick, J.D., and Brax arrive on an island resort to live out their fantasies. Mr. Roarke, their host, cautions them that they must live out their fantasies to their natural conclusions.

Based on the classic TV series, this fantasy/horror interpretation definitely has the right feel to it. I really liked Michael Pena as Mr. Roarke, he gave off a convincing vibe of “I genuinely want you to enjoy yourself… while you can.” I wish they would have actually spent just a little more time on his story, though I understand why they didn’t.

Like the TV show, each guest had their own fantasy to fulfill, some of them were more engaging than the others. Maggie Q, as Gwen, I found to be the most engaging character, complex and well defin ed. What character development there was made sense. Jimmy O. Yang, as Brax, who was tagging along on his brother’s fantasy, ended up being more engaging and complex than the other guests, and what a lovely twist with him.

A lot of creepy background stuff throughout that the observant audience will catch. Some hints to the mystery that were more unnecessarily “in-your-face” than subtle. No over the top gore, but plenty of blood and ick.

I’d watch it again. It certainly isn’t the next great classic horror, but it’s an entertaining popcorn horror. If I were taking the time to rate I’d give it a just slightly more than middle of the gauge 3 fru fru drinks because I always kind of thought the TV show, Fantasy Island, was a little creepy and Montalban and Villechaize slightly villainous – in a good way. So turning it into a horror/fantasy works for me.

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