Amigo Undead (2015) – Film

“Amigo Undead”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #4

Kevin is invited to spend a weekend at his estranged, adopted, brother, Norm’s new place, for a birthday gathering with some of Norm’s unusual friends. It turns out that his brother’s place is a patch of desert where they’re camping out, and the weekend kicks off with Norm’s buddy and handyman, Jovan, choking to death on a hot dog. As the nearest hospital is “like 80 miles away,” the group decides just to bury him on Norm’s land, that may be sacred Native American burial ground.  

This horror-comedy pokes fun at all manners of tropes and stereotypes. The small but talented cast have great rapport. The dialogue is full of fun pop culture references. Randall Park, as Kevin, does a fantastic job as the straight guy. Steve Agee, as brother, Norm, has excellent comedic timing, snark, and a sharp wit. Josh Fadem as Ian, the token druggie, and Michael McCafferty as Wayne, the token racist, give over-the-top, cheese-ball performances. Ed Galvez, as Jovan, is so expressive and this movie wouldn’t be nearly so funny without him.

If you’re in the mood for a few beers and a good laugh, it is a well made flick.


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