Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016) – Film

“Attack ot the Killer Donuts”

Movie #1 of the 2019 31 Days of Horror Challenge

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Johnny, who has “misunderstood genius” Uncle Luther lurking in the basement “lair” of his hotty mom’s house, works at the less than spectacular Dandy Donuts shop with his childhood friend, Michelle. One day, Uncle Luther comes to Dandy Donuts to get Johnny’s tablet for one of his experiments, the reanimation of dead rats, and during an altercation with the sketchy owner, Luther’s reanimation chemical gets into the fryer grease, turning all the donuts made into Killer Donuts!

This is just right for those who love the wacky often satirical “Attack of ” sub-genre of horror. Featuring over the top performances, including a very small part, C. Thomas Howell is an inept, not-quite-moral, fart-joke-making, donut-eating cop. Stereotypical characters, including a sleazy donut shop owner, a MILF, a money-sucking not-girlfriend, unintelligent, insecure bullies, a Mad-Scientist – complete with basement lair, a long-time best friend in unrequited love with the main character, and a completely oblivious protagonist.

Overall, it’s a fun little film with bad CGI, and if you’re into this kind of thing, there is plenty of entertaining scenes to make this flick worth your time. No gore, sadly for those of us who love that kind of stuff, but plenty of violence.

These folks knew what they were making, had fun with it, and it shows. Grab some popcorn, and a glass of something strong for this one. There’s nothing classy or intellectual here, just a good time.

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