Vibes (1988) – Film


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This 80’s romantic comedy is about a straight laced museum curator with a unique gift who meets a vivacious, quirky wanna-be hairdresser, who is also uniquely gifted, at a para-psychology convention.  They are recruited to use their psychic talents by the mysterious, Harry, who spins a sad tale of a son, lost in the jungle of Ecuador.   Once there, however, they discover that Harry is really after a hidden mountain temple called “The room of gold.”  And that’s where the fun begins.  The story is good silly, fun.  With original music by James Horner, featuring Lauper’s 80’s hit “I’ve got a Hole in my Heart,” the music sets the films pace as fast and upbeat.

The cast had surprisingly good chemistry.  Cindy Lauper and Jeff Goldblum, who seemed such an unlikely pair, made the, at first, awkward then increasingly comfortable relationship,  plausible.  The supporting cast is brilliant!  Peter Falk as Harry, the con man,  Steve Buscemi as Fred, the sleazy ex boyfriend, Julian Sands as Dr. Steele, the handsome, evil mastermind,  Michael Learner as Burt, the survivor, Elizabeth Peña, as Consuelo, the sexy assassin, Bill McCutcheon as Mr. Van der Meer, the weaselly museum director, and Max Perlich as the busboy.

This is the type of flick where you set your brain in neutral, sit back and enjoy.   Really a fun, typically 80’s  flick sure to entertain.   I give this 4 fru-fru drinks!

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