A Wizard Scorned (2001) – Book

“A Wizard Scorned”

A novel by Patricia White
The audiobook version.

The story is a paranormal romantic fantasy about a no-nonsense, modern, New York City, business woman, Jane Murdock.¬† Who, while trying to talk her secretary out of a dubious sounding bridal agreement, is swept away, with a group of would-be brides, to another world and entangled in the jealous wizard, Cordelia’s plot to punish the man she loves for scorning her. Jane discovers, on her quest to save her secretary that she is somehow, undeniably connected to the mysterious Sojourner.

The two primary characters are strong and evolve throughout the story, drawing the listener in, as the reason for Jane’s attraction to Sojourner¬† is uncovered. Many of the secondary characters fall a bit flat, some of the characters, the townsfolk, posse, and ranch hands, are entirely too stereotypical, others, such as, Will and Maggie are charming and fully fleshed and I found myself cheering for them as much as for the primary protagonists. Part of the issue may be that by listening to the audio book, rather than reading it, I was unable to create voices for these characters myself, the characters were given voice, twangy accent and all, by the narrator, Juanita Parker.

I enjoyed the story, for the most part, it was engaging and fast paced. The world in which it was set was rich and creative, full of magical beasts and monsters, curses and castles. Likely, I’ll listen to it again,¬† so I gave it 3 cups of coffee.




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