Dead (as a doorpost) (2011) – Book

“Dead (as a doorpost)”

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The third entry in Naomi Kramer‘s “Dead(ish)” short story series.

John wakes up dead and has no idea how that happened. Linda, our favorite heavenly mentor, is assigned to help him adjust to his new existence. The only problem is John’s wife, Melissa, has been pining away for John since she died and just wants to go back to the married life they once lived and doesn’t much care for Linda’s interference. Linda pulls out all the stops and helps John figure out how he died, in her usual, no-holds-barred, often intrusive, manner.

Another fun short. To the point, sassy, with familiar characters revisited. I enjoy this writing style for short stories because the reader jumps right in to each character. It keeps the story moving rapidly and allows for more intimate, first hand knowledge of multiple characters.

As much as I’ve really enjoyed this series, I think this entry pushes the limit of how many first person perspectives a story can coherently handle. As more characters get added to each story and the characters and relationships evolve the harder it will be to maintain.

I look forward to reading more from this author.

I give this story 4 out of 5 cups of soda. This is a definitely the type of story to be read with a highly caffeinated beverage. Especially if you’re reading it aloud to a friend, trying to emulate an Aussie accent. And since this is currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for the bargain price of 99 cents, let the fun begin!

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