Sci Fi High: The Movie Musical (2010) – Film

“Sci-Fi High: The Movie Musical”

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As 1957 high school students at Farheight High are getting ready for the Sadie Hawkins Day dance, strange things start happening around school.  When Billy Dever starts helping his science teacher, Professor Vadin, with some research and experiments, he starts gaining confidence and attributes his good luck to a plant stem he wears as a bracelet.  

I wanted to like this, it is a cute, quirky, film about a shy boy, who, though absorbing some alien plant chlorophyll from a plant stem,  finds the confidence to say yes when his dreamgirl, Cara Ann, asks him not only to sing at the dance, but to be her date.  I wanted to like this because I thought that the cast did a pretty solid job with hitting all the tropes in this campy parody of the classic high school themed musicals.  I wanted to like this because what I could make out of it, the cast actually had good voices.  I wanted to like this because of the thinly … very thinly… veiled adult themes.

I was entertained by the cheesy effects.  Unfortunately, in a musical, sound needs to be priority, and in this, it was sadly not given enough of a budget.  It took me multiple attempts to watch this movie through because the audio quality was so poor it kept pulling me out of the movie, but I did.  Any effectiveness that the music might have had was lost in echoes and unbalanced sound.

I gave this 1 1/2 milk shakes because I think it has real potential, but much of the talent is buried or lost in the tragic sound.  If there was an option available with a hugely cleaned up sound mix, I would love to give it another chance.

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