Evil (To Kako) 2005 – Film*

“Evil” (“To Kako”)

*I had previously written a very brief review on this film.  I am taking this opportunity to expand on it.  The original is still available for those interested.

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After 3 construction workers in Athens, Greece discover a cavern, something happens to them, causing them to lose their memory of exactly what happened and how they got out.   The evil force which had infected them erupts spreads rapidly.  With the citizens of Athens turning into zombies, the survivors must band together if they are to live.

This low budget, indie film from Greece takes the zombie genre for a spin and is one of the most entertaining horror comedies I have had the privilege of seeing.   In his first full length feature, writer/director, Yorgos Noussias’ story is a standard zombie survival deal, but the twists and characters are innovative and vivid.  I appreciate that although they show, in a fashion, where and how the infection originated, they don’t really explain it.  They focus on the resulting destruction and how it affects the survivors.  Tense and serious where appropriate, but plenty of blatant sarcasm and physical humor, a couple of jump scares, but it’s well balanced.  Both drama and humor are great and dead on with the visual cues from the actors.  I have only seen this movie as subtitled (thank goodness for no awkward voice overs).   The music is varied, appropriate, and so much fun.  The cinematography is beautiful, cityscapes and landscapes, dance club ambiance and zombie hordes running through the streets.

An ensemble cast, the characters are surprisingly vivid and develop through the story.  Dimitra (Stavroula Thomopoulou), a feisty, kick-ass diva whose boyfriend was one of the construction workers to discover the mine; Argyris (Argyris Thanasoulas), the snarky, rather pervy cab driver with a foot fetish; Jenny (Mairi Tsoni), teenager who watched her parents deaths; Marina (Pepi Moschovakou), Jenny’s neighbor, friend and protector; Meletis (Meletis Georgiadis) nominal leader of the small group of survivors, father figure; Lieutenant Vakirtzis (Antreas Kontopoulos), severely traumatized soldier intent on rejoining his fellow soldiers and protecting those left.

Filled with enough blood and guts to satisfy the “gore hounds,”  all practical effects and the fight sequences are inventive. Watch for a restaurant scene, just after all the survivors meet up.  This is one of my all time favorite fight scenes.  It also serves to show off each persons strengths for the second act.  The conclusion of the film was creative, unexpected, and really well executed.

I gave this 4 rum & cokes because it was a bloody good time.  I think anyone who enjoys horror comedy, especially those who love the zombie sub genre, will like this.   Look for this film’s sequel.

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