Croc (2007) – Made for TV


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Jack Quade owns a crocodile farm in Krabi, Thailand, which he runs with the help of his sister and nephew.  He has a rivalry with a local businessman, Cao, and his brother, Andy, who are trying to develop the properties around Jack’s park and using several shady means to try to put Jack out of business.  When a giant croc kills a couple at a local beach, they try to frame Jack’s animals.  Jack teams up with a pretty representative from the animal protection agency and a crocodile hunter to stop the killer croc.  

This low budget, made for TV, creature feature is a pretty solid and beautifully shot thriller/horror.  The plot: killer creature runs amok in tourist town, underdog must rise to the challenge and overcome adversity in order to save the town.  The dialogue is fairly simple and straight forward, due to most of the actors not having English as a first language (and kudos for not voicing over the accents) but it isn’t inane.  With all practical effects and most (not all, plenty of body parts to be seen) of the violence and gore implied rather than overt, the kill scenes were well executed.  There are a lot of great nature shots incorporated into this movie.

The cast, though primarily composed of inexperienced actors, was decent and the chemistry among them improved as the story progressed.  Michael Madsen, as the one legged “Croc” Hawkins, is always worth watching (I’ll overlook the travesty that is “Bloodrayne”).

Yes, there were more than a few badly done scenes, which is to be expected, but they didn’t detract over much from the story as a whole.  I gave this 3 fru fru drinks, because I liked it.  I thought it was rather entertaining, but I may have questionable taste.  If you enjoy the “made for TV” creature features, especially those in exotic locations, you should give this a chance.

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