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“Crazy Bitches”

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A group of friends head out to a secluded ranch for a getaway for Alice’s birthday.  As they settle in for a weekend of fun, one by one, the ladies start to disappear.  

This indie horror/thriller from relative newcomer Jane Clark is a pleasant surprise.  Seriously, between the title, description, and how this film starts, I wasn’t expecting much.   The soundtrack is excellent.   The story is fairly standard, a group of friends go to a secluded vacation destination, then get killed off one by one.  However, it is well executed with good pacing and a  balance of tension and blood.  The humor was more subtle than I expected, in a good way.   It doesn’t go over the top with the gore, but there was enough.  Though I’m not really a fan of multiple jump scares, in this film they serve to point out how self absorbed and unobservant the characters are.

All things considered, it was quite good.

The cameo by Chris Smith is brilliant.

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