2 Lava 2 Lantula – (2016) Made-For-TV

“2 Lava 2 Lantula”

Movie #27 of the 31-days of horror challenge.

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Colton West is back to save the world from the Lavalantulas… again. Well, Florida at least. West’s step-daughter, a geology student, is on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale when the lavalantula erupt in Florida. He dashes off the set of “Clown Cops” to rescue her.

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Android Apocalypse (2006) – TV Movie

“Android Apocalypse”

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In dystopian, post-apocalyptic Phoenix, humanity had developed robotics and androids to protect the remaining humans from “dangerous” jobs, especially in the wasteland surrounding the city itself.  Animosity toward the androids, or Cogs,  has developed due to their placement in positions of authority.   Jute, a man convicted of murdering an android, & DeeCee, an android developing human emotions, must form a strained alliance to stop a plot by the leader of the androids to destroy the human race. Continue reading