The Witch (2015) – Film

“The Witch”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge 2016: Movie #2

After being banished by their gated community, a Puritan family tries to survive alone in their colonial homestead. The family quickly begins to fall apart and they start to lose faith as they try and fail to accept the loss of their infant son, and as mysterious and sinister things continue to occur.

Watched this for the first time last night. A slow burn, period piece, horror film that wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Well, sort of. I was expecting the usual religious horror slant, or maybe I was expecting more of a thriller (persecution and evil people rather than an actual witch) I was pleasantly surprised that the story stayed true to the folklore, on which it was based, throughout the movie, and fully committing to it in the end. Beautifully filmed, filled with moments which made me say “What the f?” out loud to the screen. I also liked that they allude that each of the family members had been guilty of one of the “7 deadly sins.”

I may revisit this one, just because I think there was more subtleties to the story that I may have missed. This one is sticking with me for now, still making me think about it. I do like a movie that can do that.

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