Werewolves on Wheels (1971) – Film

“Werewolves on Wheels”

Movie #16 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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A biker gang called “The Devil’s Advocates” is riding through the desert when they decide to stop at a monastery to pay their respects to the devil. The Monks there offer them bread and wine, which end up being drugged. While the bikers are passed out, the Monks perform a satanic ritual, involving Helen, the gang leader, Adam’s, old lady.

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The Howling (1981) – Film

“The Howling”

Movie #21: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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While pursuing a story about a serial killer, reporter, Karen White, is attacked and watches as he is shot to death by the police.  On her psychiatrist’s recommendation, she and her husband go to a retreat, called “The Colony”, for relaxation and therapy.  However, the residents of The Colony are unsettling, creepy, and have a frightening secret. Continue reading

Mom (1991) – Film


Movie #4: 31-Days of Horror 2017

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As  a string of animal attack like murders have been happening in L.A., Emily leases a room in her home to an  stranger, Nestor, who turns out to be some sort of werewolf or vampire, and infects Emily.  When Emily’s adult son finds out he realizes it is they who have been responsible for the deaths and tries to prevent them from killing any more.   Continue reading

Red: Werewolf Hunter (2010) – TV Movie

“Red: Werewolf Hunter”

#2 of the 31 days of horror challenge.  (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.)

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Victoria brings her fiancee, Nathan, home to meet the family.  When Nathan finds a dying man on their property, Victoria must tell him their extraordinary secret.  Continue reading