The Manitu (1978) – Film

“The Manitu”

Movie #20 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Harry is a psychic with actual ability who prefers to play the charlatan because it pays better. A former girlfriend who used to work with him, contacts him because of an odd growth on her neck which turns out to be the reincarnation of an evil Native American spirit.

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House Franchise – Film

“House Franchise”

The original is a classic which belongs on every true horror fans “must watch” list. I’d seen the second when it was first released. I’d not seen the rest until now.

Movies #12, #13, #14, #15 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Bone Eater (2007) – Made for TV

“Bone Eater”

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Near the small town of Sweet Water, near the Alabama Hills in the Mojave desert, a land developer, who is at odds with a local tribe, is overseeing excavation for a project when his workers stumble across a set of bones.  Once disturbed these bones set free an ancient Native American evil which destroys everything in its path.   It is up to Sheriff Steve Evans and Chief Storm Cloud to stop this creature. Continue reading