Legend of the Naked Ghost (2017) – Made for TV

“Legend of the Naked Ghost”

Movie #3: 31-Days of Horror 2017

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A group of college students, studying the paranormal, their professor, the granddaughter of a famous actress, and a pair of psychic mediums, take an overnight trip to an allegedly haunted house.   Continue reading “Legend of the Naked Ghost (2017) – Made for TV”

Dead Heat (1988) – Film

“Dead Heat”

Movie 2: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow are a pair of detectives trying to solve a string of peculiarly violent crimes.   Continue reading “Dead Heat (1988) – Film”

Asylum of Darkness (2017) – Film

“Asylum of Darkness”

Movie 1 – 2017 31-Days of Horror

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Dwight wakes up as a patient in a psychiatric hospital, he cannot remember what he did to be admitted.  He insists he is innocent.  Once he escapes he finds a sinister, supernatural world outside the hospital. Although he may be able to escape the asylum, he can’t escape his own insanity.  Continue reading “Asylum of Darkness (2017) – Film”