V/H/S (2012) – Film


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A group of petty criminals is hired to break into a desolate house and steal a rare VHS tape.   When they arrive, they discover a dead man, a hub of TV monitors, and a stack of tapes.  Not knowing which one to take, they watch the tapes.  Each one more mysterious and bizarre than the last.   

It has been a while since a movie gave me the chills.  Kudos to the film makers of this “found footage” horror anthology for making that happen!  The wrap around story was creative, the style was effective and told a lot of back story and set up the characters in a short span of time.  The acting ranged from good to meh in each of the shorts, but overall it got the job done and nothing stood out as distractingly bad.

Each of the short stories was imaginative and well executed.  Particularly, I liked how some of the found footage stories were recorded using creative devices, such as camera glasses  or integrated into a costume (the nanny-cam costume was creepy brilliant!), rather than a character carrying around a handheld camera.

After viewing the movie, I’m still left thinking about the stories.  For that I’m giving this 3 1/2 rum & cokes.

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