Vampires Anonymous (2003) – Film

“Vampires Anonymous”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #24

After an accident with his girlfriend, Vic joins a 12-step program to help him control his eating habits.  

This a fun, silly twist on the vampire genre.  Paul Popowich is Vic, a rather shallow, 500-year-old vampire living in L.A. and looking to live the American Dream – a wife, kids, and a white picket fence.  But he tends to loose control and eats his love interests.  So he joins Vampires Anonymous and, lucky him, his sponsor is Geno, Michael Madsen, an apparently well adjusted, fully in control of his urges vampire working the program.  After extensive testing, V.A. determine his blood substitute is Sheep blood, so the send him to South Carolina.  There he tries to work the program himself, only to encounter a few issues, including locals who don’t like his big city looks, sheep farmers who are a little too attached to their sheep, falling off the wagon, a new love interest, and a Corporate Vampire Slayer, hunting for him.

This is a disengage your brain, suspend your disbelief, grab a bucket of popcorn, a stiff drink, and let yourself have fun sort of film, so enjoy the light bouncy soundtrack, over-the-top characters, and cheesy dialogue.  (There is a great scene that had me laughing out loud, with Michael Madsen in a mirrored changing room.)

I think it’s worth at least one watch, if you’re into corny horror comedies.  It’s not that gory, though there is plenty of blood.

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